Creating Game Characters – Part I

The process of creating a game character can be daunting.  From the initial concept sketch to animating a game character can seem like a mysterious process.  We’ll be looking at the process and a number of technologies that can be used create game characters in 2D and 3D. To start, we’ll need a fairly simple character design that is relatively easy to create in a range of tools. We’re fortunate to have access to a character design for education use. The Mark IV Decimator is a robust hero stopping machine with a wide range of upgrades.

Unless you are an artist, the process often starts with a short blurb. This blurb can be super simple or complex. It’s often best to have a simple blurb for communicating with a team and a one long enough to keep the ideas coherent in your own mind. We’ll start from a character blurb from the character creator.

Standing over eight feet tall, the hulking mechanized giant was nearly as wide as it was tall. Composed of a jagged patchwork of oxidized replacement parts and armor its true age was seemingly impossible to know. It was old, angular and massive with a singular optical stalk as its only distinguishing feature. The fearsome Mark IV seemed to glide about a foot above the ground on strange coils that relentlessly folded dust and gravel back into a churning mist that was flattened by the sheer displacement of the undulating machine at the center of the ankle high toroid.

From the character blurb, the basic ideas of this character were distilled down to a sketch.

Decimator Sketch

In part II of the series, we’ll look at fleshing out the sketch with additional views and modeling data.

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