Development Tools Round Up

Looking to bring your game creation to Android? Yo Yo Games massively popular GameMaker: Studio Professional has a 66% sale on the Android Exporter for this weekend only. Just in time to start your 2016 projects, you can grab the Android Exporter for only $99 USD.

Future Tech: VirZOOM Controller for Active VR Games


For developers evaluating controllers for experimental and upcoming VR games, the VirZOOM Controller is certainly worth keeping an eye on in 2016. The VirZOOM allows gamers to pedal to propel themselves within the virtual gaming world. Steering the VirZOOM is handled by tracking the head mounted display (HMD) in your design. Photos from the VirZOOM blog of the alpha version of the controller include action buttons on the bike’s handle bars. According to the official frequently asked questions page a “VirZOOM Beta will be available in limited quantities in Q1 2016.”

To find out more about the VirZOOM and follow the project’s development visit the VirZOOM site.

N Square Game Jam


Looking for a way to test your game development skills? The N Square Game Jam invites regional game students and professionals to make games for social impact specifically addressing nuclear weapons disarmament.  The Game Jam will begin Saturday November 14 @ 10:00am and run though Sunday November 15 @ 6.00pm.

Participants will divide into teams spend up to 48 hours in creative brainstorming and rapid prototyping sessions. To encourage participation from the widest audience, each event will include games of all formats, such as: live role-playing games, tabletop and board games, and, of course, digital games.

Teams will collaborate on conceptualizing, designing, and prototyping their game experience in the span of the 2-day event concluding in pitch presentations by participating teams. Design teams would have the opportunity to present their games to representatives from N Square and G4C, who will select one or more winning teams to be recognized with a modest prize.


When: Sat Nov 14 (10:00 am) – Sun Nov 15 (6:00 pm)
Where: 1871 Auditorium, 222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1212, Chicago, IL 60654

To Register Click Here

Submitted: Via CEGD News


Reverence Kickstarter Launch

Gamers can join Chicago developer Mantis Studios at a Kickstarter launch event for their upcoming title, Reverence.   As the ultimate combat experience, Reverence is “a comprehensive combat simulation where the player has full control over their movements.”reverence kickstarter


The launch event will be held at Emporium in Wicker Park on July 1st.  For more information, visit the Facebook page for the funding launch event.

E3 New Xbox One Game Controller


Tight game control is a crucial part of gaming experience.  The new Xbox One Elite controller announced at E3 features a host of elements to make tactile control robust for gamers on Windows 10 or Xbox One.  With button remapping, paddle remapping and new swappable parts, the Elite controller looks to be a game customizer’s dream and a treat for developers that want to tweak the feel of a game during demos and game play.

E3 2015 Open with the Xbox One Briefing


One of the biggest gaming events of the year, E3,  began with the a briefing from one of the biggest names in gaming. Microsoft’s Xbox briefing sent developer hashtags flying with a solid line up indie titles and strong hardware offerings for experimental new games. Hardware news included a live demo of Microsoft HoloLens running a special edition of Minecraft.  Touted as having the greatest games line up in Xbox history, the strong lineup looks to make Xbox One and Windows 10 (Windows 10 – shipping July 29) a very important platform for developers of every size.

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